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April is the fourth month of the current calendar and is thirty days long. Cancer is one of the most important health problems in the world, which is the deadliest and the most enduring of today, with the costliest treatment methods that push the capacity of health policies and develop new policies. Deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases are the second most common cause of cancer in the world. For this reason, creating an awareness on people in the first week of April every year, various activities are planned and prevented as cancer weeks in order to emphasize the importance of this disease. Early detection of cancer can save lives. It is for this reason that in the first week of April every year, various activities are planned and planned as a cancer week in order to raise awareness on people and emphasize the importance of this disease. 

Happy April Fools Day!

Joke Day is celebrated every year on April 1. 1 April Fools' Day, which includes legends in different cultures, beliefs and languages, is recognized in many parts of the world, including Holland, Belgium, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Japan. A similar celebration of Hilaria was celebrated in ancient Rome. In India, this holiday is celebrated on March 31 as Holi. One of the rumors about the date of April 1 jokes is based on the French. According to this rumor, Roman Emperor Caesar BC. In 46, he announced the month of January as the starting month of the calendar.

However, until the middle of the 16th century, the beginning of the calendar in Europe, i.e. the new year as the start of the spring months of March was continued to be used. 1610 years after Caesar, in 1564, the King of France IX. Charles has changed the calendar and took the beginning of the year to the first day of January and caused some people not to know about the conditions of communication at that time and caused them to maintain their old customs in order to protest this decision. The people who protested the King's decision continued to organize parties on April 1 and give each other gifts. Others, who have been aware of the new calendar and accepted it, called them ‘April 1 fools and named it The Day of All Fools. On this day, they gave surprise gifts to others, invited them to parties not to be made, produced news that could not be real. After years of using the calendar instead of the month of January to be the first month of the year, the French began to see April 1 as part of their culture. In time, they continued this tradition by gradually decorating, enriching and expanding. This tradition of French origin took about two centuries to reach England. From there it spread to America and the whole world.

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April 2020 Calendar

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