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In the Gregorian and Julian calendars, September is the 9th month of every year. There are a total of 4 months which have 30 days and September is the third of them. If we talk about the Northern Hemisphere, it is the March’s equivalent in the Southern Hemisphere, season wise. If we talk about the Southern hemisphere, this month is the commencing of the meteorological spring. September is also the beginning of the ecclesiastical year in the Orthodox Eastern church. It is the month when the academic year starts and the students start with their studies. That is why, having a 2024 September printable calendar is extremely necessary for the student. Actually, it is the end of the summer season and the end of the summer break for the children. It is when cold breezes start and the weather begins to become cold.


The word September actually means seven in Latin, as it was the 7th month of the Roman calendar until about the time when the King Numa Pompilius added the month of January and February in the calendar. The modern blank September 2024 calendar has now 30 days and it is officially the 9th month of the year. Moreover, it originally had 29 days but the Julian reform changed its days from being 29 to 30. 


September is the month of joy. People begin to feel cold and all of the US’s landscape is of green, yellow or orange color. This is the beginning of the fall season when the leaves start to fall off from the trees and the children begin to crush the dry or dead leaves under their feet. This is the month when you can see less green and more brown, yellow and orange. Moreover, it is the month when the nights start to become longer than ever. The sunlight fades away fast and you finally, you can have one sleep for one more hour because of longer nights. It is hard to keep up with the events and the important dates in September. That is why, it is better to have a September 2024 printable calendar to keep up with the upcoming events in your school or in the US.

September is the month when the month when the nights become colder than the summer season. It is the official soccer and baseball season. Players warm up in this season to play the best and the birds start to migrate. The sky looks beautiful nearly every day because of the visible horizon and the migrating birds. However, the plants grow slowly in this month due to less daylight. It is the month when you can wear sweaters but you won’t wear them during the day.

 A lot happens in the month of September. Even if you are a child or an adult, you need a September calendar template to keep up with the month of the fall. By having a blank September 2024 calendar, not only can you mark the important school events, but you can also mark the important days celebrated all across the US. It is better to buy September printable calendar to mark the dates easily.




Labor Day is usually celebrated on the 1st of May all across the globe but the Labor Day in the US is celebrated on the first Monday of every September, annually. It is a federal holiday. It means that you can only find this holiday in the September 2024 printable calendars for US only. On this holiday, the citizens and the government officials pay tribute to the hard work and the efforts of every labor who works for the development, prosperity, betterment and peace of the United States of America.


This holiday was recognized by the first labor parade in New York City. Oregano, a state of the US, recognized and accepted this day as a federal holiday to pay tribute to all the laborers in the US. It became an official federal holiday in the year 1894.


Labor day also marks the end of the summer break for the children. After this holiday, the classes of the students commence and many of the sports and vocational activities start to begin. It is the month in which there is a lot of hustle and bustle. A lot happens in this month. So, if you are a student or a government official or a labor, it better to buy a September 2024 printable calendar or the blank September 2024 calendar so that you can mark the important day  of the Labor parade in the US.



Citizenship day occurs on 17th of September. The 17th of September commemorates the day when the constitution for the US for formed in the year 1787. However, it is just an event or an important day to mark in your September 2024 printable calendar. There is no public or federal holiday. Businesses run in the usual operational hours. 


On this day, many people and government officials display the US flag on the buildings and the presidents also advise the officials in educational sector to organize the events in schools, colleges and universities regarding the Citizenship. Citizenship in the US gives out a true patriot feeling. If you are living in the US and somehow forget this important date, you would be very embarrassed. That is why, it is better to keep a September template calendar and mark the day to show true patriotism to the people.



The International peace day is celebrated on the 21st of September. There is no public holiday on the 21st of September. However, this date or the event is to enjoy the rights, peace and the liberalism we have. Peace is an important factor which keeps us safe from the world wars. If we weren’t in peace with our neighboring countries, we would have been attacked by them now. The concept of this date is to recognize the freedom and peace we observe in between the countries, in between the people and with ourselves. 

This event was established by the United Nations,  a peace organization, in the year 1981. The main motive of the Sustainable Development goals set on this day is to eliminate hunger and poverty. Moreover, these goals also suggest that every person should be safe and given equal rights regardless of gender. In short, peace is the single most important factor which is keeping the nations together. If you are at peace with yourself, it is better to have a blank September calendar or the September printable calendar to celebrate the beauty of peace.



  • Founding of the Los Angeles  by a Spanish Governor (4th September 1781)
  • Establishment of US’s Post Office Department (24th September 1789)
  • Discovery of Penicillin by  Alexander Fleming (28th September  1928)
  • Publishment of ‘The Hobbit’  (21st September,  1937)
  • Luna, a man-made object made it to the moon (13th September, 1959)
  • Development of NASA’S first space shuttle (19th September, 1976)
  • Founding of the most famous search engine, Google (7th September 1998)
  • World Trade Centre attack (11th September 2001)



September is the month of the mall and the beginning of a new academic session. Hence, the students should have a September template calendar or a September printable calendar to mark the important public and school events.

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