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May is the third and the last month of the spring season. The starting and the ending weeks of the May are the same as for November. In George calendar, it is the fifth month of the year. This month consists of 31 days. In the older versions of the calendar, it was at the third place. But after a few years, when the year began to start with January, it got the 5th place in the list of months.

The complete overview of the May

Blank May calendar is the best way to store the special events so, someone should never forget about them. It is believed that people who born in May are the symbols of success and love. There are a lot of events that are celebrated worldwide to tribute and to give honor to someone. Like it contains teachers day, wine week in London, May day, mother day, victoria day, memorial day and much more. All these events should be added in the May calendar template so that people will remember the existence of these days and will never forgets to celebrate these days. May is not considered preferable for getting married.

In the United Kingdom, this month is celebrated as a month of a smile. The last week of May is celebrated as a library and information weak. Such events are really helpful for those who are serious about getting new information. On this day, people are given the awareness that why library and collection of new information are necessary. In the old English, this month was considered as the month of three milkings which means the cow gave milk for the three times a day in this month.

Interesting facts about May

Are you curious to know some of the amazing facts about May? We suggest you to just add them in May printable calendar. Let us inform you about some of the interesting facts:

  • The month May was named for Maia. And that name was the sign of goodness and fertility
  • No month of May starts or ends with the same day
  • On May 1, 1931, the Empire State Building was opened officially
  • This month makes president immortal
  • It's a good month to be lazy

Events in the United States in May

Happy International Workers Day!

Some of the events celebrated in May that you should mark in May 2025 calendar template are as:

May Day

May Day is celebrated over all the world on the 1st of May. Every country celebrates this day in their special way. This day is not new but it is celebrated from ancient times. In most countries, it is celebrated as a labor day while in some other countries; it is celebrated to award the crown to the queens. This day is celebrated in the overall world; only the way to remember and celebrate is different.

Space Day

This day is usually celebrated on the first Thursday of May or on the 2nd of May. For the exploration of the space, this day is celebrated every year in the overall world.

World animal's day

On the 3rd of May, national animals' day is celebrated. On this day, people got the awareness that how they can kind to be animals. Usually, this event stays for a week. This is the lengthiest event of May. The usual duration of this event is from 3rd May – 9th May. It is the best way to teach people how they care for their animals and how they can kind to them.

National teacher's day

This special day is celebrated on the 5th of April every year throughout the world. This event is just to courage the teacher's nationwide. Now, this event is almost a week long. For the whole weak, tribute is given to the teachers. This event could be the best way to encourage the teachers about their profession.

National nurse's week

This week starts on 6th May and ends on 12th May. This day is the best honor for school nurses. Don't forget to mention this special day on blank May 2025 calendar to remember the nurses and to pay tribute to them.

Mother's day

This day is celebrated on 9th May every year. This day was the first time celebrated in 1907. This day usually celebrated on the first Sunday of May. Also, the police week is celebrated on the 9th of May.

National Missing Children's Day

This day is celebrated on 25th May every year. This year is especially for the remembrance of missing Childs of the nation. This event is also best to create awareness of the stranger danger. This could be the best way to aware people to save their lives.  

Memorial day

This day is celebrated on 31st May. This day is celebrated to show tribute to the people who have lost their lives in several wars. The first Memorial Day was celebrated in 1865  on 31st May.

Historical events in May

  • Some of the historical events to add in blank May calendar and to remember are:
  • On 1st of May 1873, the first United States Postal Card was issued
  • On 2nd May 1885, the Good Housekeeping magazine was published for the very first time
  • Washington, D.C was introduced as a city on 3rd May 1802
  • Rhode Island got freedom from England on May 4, 1776
  • Napoleon Bonaparte died on May 5, 1821
  • The first inaugural ball was held to tribute the president. It was held on
  • on May 7, 1789.
  • The first transatlantic flight was held on May 8, 1919
  • Last technical day of the American Revolutionary War was on May 12, 1784

All these historic events must be added in 2025 May printable calendar, so, people should remember the history of May.


We have tried our best to inform you of all the basic and common events of May, don't ever forget to add these events in blank May calendar. The benefit of adding them in the calendar is to eliminate the chance to forget. Such May printable calendar, will always remember you about the special events near you.

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