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An Overview of April

April is the fourth month in the calendar and the second month to from where the summer starts. In the Roman calendar, it was the second month of the year. It consisted of 30 days. In 450 BCE, it was declared as the fourth month of the calendar when the January was declared as the first month and the start of the year. Easter usually falls in April. Easter is соmmеmоrаtіоn оf thе dеаth аnd resurrection of Jesus. In April, huge celebrations are done on this day by Easter eggs. They use these eggs as a symbol of peace and new life. Earth day is also on 22 April.

Start of the spring season

In the northern areas, this month relates to the spring season. April starts on the same day of the week of July and ends on the same day of December. But in the leap year, April will start on the same day as January.april is the second month of the spring season. This month is best to plant vegetables and fruits in your plants.

Perfect for sportsmen

Researchers have found that people who born in April are naturally innocent. In united states, this month is significant for the people who are in sports. This is the month in which most of the sports activities open for sportsmen.

April was the starting of a year a few years ago

You wouldn't believe, in the Maldives, first April is celebrated as a New Year day. For so long, first April was considered as the first day of the year. But in 1582 when the month of January was introduced then this day was moved to 1st January and till now, it is considered as a starting of the year. Even in some rural areas of the United States, these changes have not been made and still, people celebrate New Year on 1st April.

April is considered a national poetry month. The 2025 April calendar template contains all the special events to let you know about them. It is also marked as a jazz appreciation month. Daylight saving time begins through the start of the month. In April, the number of hours of daylight starts to maximize. This month is just perfect to save energy because daylight is available for the maximum day.

Events in the United States

April contains a lot of events and special days that someone should not forget.

April Fool's Day

Happy April Fools Day!

On the 1st of April, in the United States, this event is celebrated. Throughout the day, people exchange laughers and entertainments. April also acts as a host for the people of fools' day. The first day of April is celebrated as a fool day. On first April, in overall the world, this event is celebrated to have fun and a day full of entertainment. At this day, you will see practical jokes everywhere.

International Day of Mine awareness

This day is celebrated on the 4th of April every year. On this special day, the action of the mine is encountered to see how much working has been done for the favor of civilians. People are made aware on this day about the threats that are caused by the landmine. Also, they will be provided with the special guidance that how they can have a safe and healthier life as a civilian. Governments have tried their best to develop these mine-clearing programs.

National Maritime Day

This day is celebrated on the 5th of April each year. The reason is that on 5th April 1919, navigation history was created and to recall this history, this day is celebrated every year. It was considered as a red-letter day in Indian navigation.

World Health Day

On the 7th of April every year the world health day is celebrated. For helping and guiding the people, special events are organized by several health organizations. As we know, health is wealth, so, this day is specially celebrated for thanking to have a healthier life. Try to mark this day on April 2025 printable calendar to never forget.

World Homeopathy Day

This special day is celebrated on 10th of April every year to show tribute to the founder of the Homeopathy system of medicine Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann. This day is best to make people aware of the benefits of homeopathic medicine. Different homeopathy organizations take part in these events to make more people aware of this type of medicine. These types of events are not only in the favor of homeopaths but also for those who are in the search of the side effect free medicines for their treatments. At this day, you should aware how much people have got health by the use of homeopathic medicines.

Historical events of April

  • Some of the historical and important events that took place on April are as:
  • Royal air force was founded on 1st April 1918
  • On 1st April 1970, Cigarette Advertising Banned in the US
  • On 2nd April 1947, Charlie Chaplin returns to the United States
  • Pope John Paul died on 2nd April 2005
  • Pony Express Service was started in 3rd April 1860
  • The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was established on 4th April 1949
  • America enters World War I on 6th April 1917
  • America's First Astronauts was introduced on 9th April 1959
  • Singapore was successful in getting the self-rule from the British on 11 April 1957


Don't forget to take blank April 2025 calendar if you wish to mark all the important events that we have described. No way would be better than remember these special events than mentioning them on the calendar. As you use the calendars at your offices, homes and anywhere you spent time, so, you will not forget the special events. April is full of special events and days, don't forget to celebrate them. April calendar template should be as effective and helpful that will always help you out to find out the best and reachable events near you in the month of April.

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