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Before writing the ways of using a blank calendar, what a blank calendar is.

What Is a Blank Calendar?

A blank calendar is a dateless calendar to encourage your aesthetics and planning to mark dates with your interest. Well, it doesn’t mean you can write Sunday after every day in the calendar or let fourth July occur five times in a month. However, it means, you can write down dates in your own way. You are given with blank 30 or 31 boxes in the each month page of the blank calendar. You have convenience to write your plans for the very day on a huge blank box. For example, if you have planning a dinner with your partner on January first, you will open first page of the calendar and write in the first box “date with (partner name) and mention time”. It will be considered as the January first, the next box as second and last box of the last page is December 31st.

Now, let’s start with the 10 Ways of Using a Blank Calendar.

10 Ways of Using a Blank Calendar:

When you have a blank calendar you can do a lot with your days and plan better for yourself. You don’t need to see a valentine day on the calendar for fourteen February when you are single. Plan your fourteen February in your own single way and enjoy it. Here are ten suggested ways you can use for your free blank calendar:

Meet your Dietary Plans:

First of all, you can use this calendar to mark your dietary plan. You don’t need a separate paper to write down the schedule of your food because blank boxes on the calendar have enough space to write down details of the meals you will eat every day. Write down items of lunch, breakfast, dinner, and side meals on it for whole month and mark each passed day with green when you followed it and red if you couldn’t follow it. At the end of the month, you can easily calculate your dietary performance and calories in take.

Track What You Eat:

Sometimes, dietician or doctors ask you to track your food. These blank calendars will be extremely handy in this sense. So another way of using them is you will not write your food in advance. Rather than that, you will eat a thing and write it on the calendar later to see your eating habits and schedule. You can submit same calendar to your doctor who asked you for tracking. It is simple as that.

Keep tracking a habit

Make a Birthday Countdown:

Make birthdays of your loved ones special by marking each day of the month with something special. Birthdays comes once in a year so you can make it best by widening the celebrations to one whole month. Start your day by writing something on calendar such as you will open the fridge where you have made your partner’s favorite food and surprise them. You don’t even need to be at home when you have a blank calendar.

Building the Training Schedule:

If you are looking forward to taking or giving some training, the blank calendar would come handy. You can write down complete schedule in advance by writing down all the necessary steps of the training session. Such as, if you make an exercise training schedule on your blank calendar, all you will do is write down hip muscle exercise, belly exercise, and upper body exercise on the each given box.

Make a Memory Diary:

Every day is a new day in which several good or bad day happens. You can use your blank calendar as a dairy by writing down a special event against each date in the box. At the end of the year, you will have huge days to remember as the memory of your whole year. You can plan and write your next day resolution in the light of memories of last year.

Encourage Yourself:

If you are feeling down, it is only you who can encourage yourself and there can never be a better option than having a blank calendar. You can write down all the quotations and quotes on the blank calendar template in order to encourage yourself. You will feel better after that.

Write Appointments:

If you are a work person and often need to meet people according to the requirement of your job, use your blank calendar to write appointments on it. You can keep record of the appointments by writing them in the calendar. You can also keep record of the people you need to meet on each day. By doing so, you will not miss any of your appointment.

Messages for Spouse:

You can also use blank calendar to write down messages for your spouse on daily basis to make them feel special. These messages will make their day and they will remember your idea for a long time. These messages could be related to the loved between both or they could also be related to routine work that is pending from days. It will work as your scheduler.

Make Debt Returning Schedule:

If you need to return debts or schedule some sort of expenses, these blank calendars will come extremely handy. You can write down dates and plan you pending payments accordingly. By doing so, you can return your debts, keep record of your expenses and savings and by doing so you can make saving to return debts.

Draw Doodles of the Day:

Last but not least, you can use blank calendar to have fun in your alone time. Doodling is great when you are alone and you can make your own calendar in this manner. These doodles are small pictures. It is a great way to test and use your aesthetics. You can design your exclusive calendar in this manner.

So, these are ten best ways in which you can use your Blank Calendar.

Blank Calendar

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