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In Georgeon and the Julian calendars, the month of August is the 8th and last summer month. It has 31 day and it is the 5th month in the whole year to have 31 days. Previously, the month of August was known as ‘Sextilis’ in the Roman calendar as it was the sixth month in the Roman calendar in 753 BC, under the Romulus.


Did you know how did the month of August became the 8th month of the Roman calendar? Actually, when the king Numa Pompilius added the months of January and February, this became the 8th month with an original of 29 days. It was done in 700 BC. After that, Julius Caesar, the creator of the Julian calendar added 2 more days and now the modern length of this month is 31 days in the August 2024 printable calendars. It has been reported that the name ‘August’ came from Augustus. In 8 BC, August fought and won a lot of fights in this month, not to forget the conquest of Egypt. Hence in his honor, the name of that time period was set to the name ‘August’. Now you’d know the reason behind the name August when buying the August 2024 calendar template.


If we talk about the Northern Hemisphere, it starts with the end of June and it is the last summer month to enjoy. While in the Southern hemisphere, the month of August is equivalent to February, seasonal wise. This is the month when most of the people do not go to work and the children have summer holidays. Moreover, the month of August has no federal holidays. However, some important events and dates are celebrated in the US. To remember the important dates and events, you need a blank August calendar or the August 2024 printable calendar at your home or at your office.


August is probably the busiest month when it comes to going on summer vacation trips. Most of the people are tired from work and children and adults need a quick escape. That is why, many people travel this month to have the most amazing vacation trips. The weather too, in August is quite too. You won’t feel a heat wave, neither will you experience heavy rain. In fact, August is the month to get out an enjoy. The beaches, sand and parks look more beautiful in this month than ever and there are many events in August, such as the music festivals which you can enjoy. To do all these planning, you need the August calendar template or the August 2024 printable calendar to mark your trip days. You can even take the blank August calendar with you, with marked events’ dates. To have a hassle-free month of vacations, you need the August printable calendar to mark the important days. You can even give the blank August calendars to your kids as they have many summer parties to attend in August. In short, the August 2024 calendar template helps you to keep the important events’ dates in the mind.



Watermelon day comes on 3rd of August. Watermelon is one of the most consumed  fruits in the summer as it was 92% water content and it keeps you and your body fresh and energized. Watermelon is a Southern African fruit and people tend to drink its juice nearly every day in the summer. This fruit is perfect to beat the heat in the temperature and to bear with the sultry temperature of August. People enjoy the watermelon drink in the summer and eat watermelon in parties, beach parties and other events, such as the August music festivals. 


It has a tough exterior or a tough green rind with red juicy interior. Many people celebrate this day by eating lots of watermelon and by drinking its juice. If you do not want to miss out on this day, you better get the August printable calendar and mark the day to enjoy a watermelon smoothie.



This event falls on the 11th of August. This day brings a lot of laughter and the smiley faces. This is the day when the staff remembers and recalls the hilarious mistakes, missteps and social or public gaffes by the President. This day does not mean offending the President but it is pretty hilarious to recall the mistake that the President made.


Presidential joke day became an event when the President, Ronald Reagan said some words while the microphone was on and the whole listened to those words. If you want to recall the hilarious mistakes of the President in front of your friends and family, you better the August calendar template and wait for this day to come.



I was so glad to mark this day on the blank August calendar as I am a left-handed girl. International left-handers Day is actually celebrated for the sinistrality and to create awareness about the problems of the left-handers. It was first celebrated on the 13th of August to celebrate and recognize the perks and disadvantages of being a left-hander. This day creates an awareness in the right-handers that there is nothing sinister about being a left-hander. In fact, left-handers have the same capabilities as the right-handers.


Moreover, this day was celebrated by Dean R Campbell when he opened his institute, International left-handers etc. This day is celebrated with an intention to sympathize the left-handers as they require many right-hander qualities sometimes. If you are a left-hander, go get the August printable calendar and mark this important day on it.



This day is celebrated on the 26th of August to celebrate the time when the women were given the equal rights of giving the vote. It was first celebrated in 1973 and is the event which is celebrated all across the US. If you are a woman, get yourself the August printable calendar and mark the day when you were granted equal rights.



  • Panama Canal Opens (August 15, 1914)
  • Constitutional passing of the law giving women equal rights to vote (August 26, 1920)
  • First publication of Guinness World Record book (August 27, 1955)
  • To celebrate the 500 hits of Babe Ruth (August 11, 1929)
  • Martin Luther King's famous speech ( August 28, 1963)
  • First concert of the Beatles (August 19, 1966)
  • First ever computer by IBM (August 12, 1981)
  • Discovered the remains of the Tyrannosaurus Rex (August 12, 1990)


August is the last of the summer months, with many events and a perfect month of enjoyment. Do not forget to take the blank August calendar to mark the above mentioned important events.

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