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In the Julian and the Gregorian month, October is the 10th month and also has separate October 2024 printable calendars. There are seven months in the year having 31 days and October is sixth of them. Before the addition of the months of January and February by king Nume, October was the 8th month of the year. In the old Latin, this month was originally called the ‘octo, which means 8th. If we talk about the Northern hemisphere, October is the second month of the fall season and it is the spring’s first month in the Northern hemisphere. 


Most of the people consider October as part of the summer season as the temperatures do not fall much. People tend to wear light warm clothes and no snow falls even in the most colder regions of the world. This is the month in which you can mark some important dates in your October printable calendars and enjoy the sun, sea, breeze, bars and pubs. This is the perfect season of photography. The trees are not green anymore. The leaves are falling and they are brown and rusty. Moreover, the nights are longer and the days are shorter. In the month of October, you enjoy light showers. In short, plants are growing slower and this is the beginning of the fall season, Most of the animals go into hibernation and the people start to go more in bars and pubs to enjoy beers and wines.


October is a great month and it has a lot of important events. Most of the people tend to buy the 2024 October template calendars to mark the important dates. Moreover, it is the exam season for the students. Students are busy preparing for the exams and are constantly submitting assignments and group projects. 


In short, October is the month in which you can enjoy each day. You just have to buy an October 2024 printable calendar to enjoy the most important events of October.




Columbus Day is a celebration of the arrival of Christopher Columbus. This day is celebrated on the 14th of October annually. This day commemorates the founding of America by Christopher Columbus. Not only is this day celebrated with joy and fireworks, but on this day, there is a public holiday. All the offices, government offices, schools and the other educational institutes are closed. Moreover, a parade is also observed on this day, to pay the tribute to the the founder of the America, Christopher Columbus. 



The teacher day is celebrated on 5th of October. In this event, there is no public holiday but we all pay tribute to the amazing hard word that the teachers put into their students. Teachers are like the guiding stars for the students. They do everything in their power to teach the students everything that they know. They try to increase the knowledge of the students in every way that they could and so, we praise our teachers and our professors on this day. Teacher’s day is an opportunity for the students to give gifts to their teachers for the hard work that they put for their students. 


If you want to praise your teachers or want to give them an amazing gift to enhance their will power and their confidence, buy an October 2024 printable calendar and do not forget to mark this date.



Halloween is the most important event in the United States and all around the world. People tend to celebrate this day by wearing costumes and by putting on gothic makeup. Halloween is a themed event in which every person, whether the children or the students put on a scary costume and roam around the streets, trying to scare each other. Many children wander around the streets for trick and treat or to collect different types of candies and chocolates from the neighborhood. 


It is celebrated on the 31st of October. There is no public holiday on this day so the students put on the costumes and wear it to the schools. Most of the schools allow the students to put on scary costumes while attending the classes. 


However, Halloween is not an official holiday in many countries. All the businesses, educational institutes and the public transit and transport is open in the mentioned operational hours. Many Halloween parties are observed on this day. People head to the bars and pubs dressed appropriately and according to this day.



World food day is celebrated on 16th of October. Mark this date on your Blank October calendar if you love food. There is not a public holiday on this day. However, many food events and food tasting events occur in this event. People attend those events to try out the amazing and scrumptious dishes. This is the day when people have feasts and royal dinners. As for teenagers, they go out and enjoy junk food with their friends at the public restaurants. 

As I am a food lover, I love this day. Many schools and educational institutes allow and encourage the students  to set up different kind of food stalls. In short, this is official day for setting up a food fair in schools and different parks. 


You get to try out different foods and dished on this day as every mall tends to celebrate this day. If you are a huge fan of food, mark this day on your October printable calendar.


  • First October festival held in Munich, Germany (October 10 in the year 1810)
  • First motion picture by Thomas Edison (October 6 in the year 1889)
  • Foundation of the United Nations (October 24 in the year 1945)
  • Nobel prize awarded to Martin Luther (October 14 in the year 1964)
  • Release of iPod by Apple (October 23 in the year 2001)
  • World population increases to 6 billion (October 12 in the year 1999)



October is the month of joy and the month of holidays. It has lots of important events. The month is so important that you have to buy the October 2024 printable calendar to mark the important dates. 

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