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November is the eleventh month in our current calendar. In northern hemisphere the season is winter and in southern hemisphere the season is summer. It has a length of 30 days. The second week of November is the World Children's Book Week. For the first time, American scouts suggested Library executives and began to be celebrated in 1919. The aim of the week is to give children the love of reading books. to promote writing more and more quality children's books. to encourage children to establish their own library in their home. increasing the number of children's libraries. In 1990, the United Nations declared 13 November World Quality Day and the second week of November as World Quality Week. The aim of the United Nations is to raise awareness of the growth of nations and organizations and the increase of welfare levels.

In 1921, World Diabetes Day is organized every year on November 14 commemorating the anniversary of the birth of Fredrick Bantig, who found insulin and the treatment of millions of patients with diabetes. World Diabetes Day, which has been organized since 1991, is attended by more than 150 organizations from 125 countries of the world, which are members of International Diabetes Federation. It is aimed to illuminate the public in terms of causes, symptoms, treatment and organ damage caused by diabetes.

The International Day Against Violence Against Women is the day announced in 1999 with the resolution of the UN General Assembly to raise public awareness of violence against women. In 1999, the UN General Assembly declared 25 November as the International Day for the Fight against Violence against Women. The reason why this day was set as 25 November is based on an event that occurred in the Dominican Republic in 1960. Three brothers, Mirabal Brothers, known to be opposed to Rafael Trujillo, the country's dictatorship and ruler, were raped and brutally murdered several days after Trujillo's statement: "There are two dangers in the country: The Church and the Mirabal Brothers".


November 2020 Calendar

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