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March is the first month of spring and third month of the year for both Gregorian and Julian calendars and it has a length of 31 days. In northern hemisphere the season is spring and in southern hemisphere the season is spring. Also, march is equivalent to Autumn in the southern hemisphere.   

March has taken his name from ancient Greek God Ares which is also the god of war. In roman Ares’ name is Mars and in ancient Roman in the period of preparation for campaigns, Mars festivals are arranged in this month.

Moreover, 8th of these month is International Women’s Day and celebrated every year. It is an important day for women’s right. On March 8, 1857, 40,000 weaving workers in New York City, USA, started a strike at a textile factory for better working conditions. However, when the police attacked the workers and the workers were locked in the factory, the workers could not escape from the barricades set up in front of the factory, hence; 129 women died. Over 10,000 people joined the funeral of the workers. Clara Zetkin, one of the leaders of the German Social Democratic Party, proposed that 8 March be called "International Women's Day" in honor of women workers who died in the events of March 8, 1857 at the International Conference on Socialist Women held in Copenhagen on 26 - 27 August 1910. The proposal was adopted unanimously.  In the first years no specific date was determined, but it was always known in the spring. The date of the 8th of March was held at the 3rd International Women's Conference in Moscow in 1921. International Women's Day, which was forbidden to be mentioned in some countries between the years of World War I and the Second World War, came to the fore with the commencement of commemoration in the United States at the end of the 1960s. On 16 December 1977, the General Assembly of the United Nations accepted the 8 March as International Women's Day. Furthermore, March consists of the day which is the transition from winter to spring at its 21st. This day is celebrated in most of the cultures as the “New Day” whole around the Northern hemisphere. 

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March 2019 Calendar

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