Printable January 2019 Calendar

January is the first month of the year for both Gregorian and Julian calendars. In northern hemisphere the season is winter and in southern hemisphere the season is summer. It has a length of 31 days and the first day of this month is celebrated as New Year’s Day. Moreover, January takes its name from Roman God Janus. Janus has two faces that one of them looks to the front side and other one looks to the back side. For this reason, quoting the first month as January becomes logical. In addition, in English people still use the term ‘’Janus’’ when they are speaking of two opposite things.

Due to January is the first month of the year, people start living this month with new hopes and new expectations. At the first days of the people determine the things that they want to change or fix in their life and make decisions which can be very tough for them. For example, they try to change jobs, get promotion, take an increment in their wages, break with some of their friends or endeavor to have some new friends also it can be boyfriend or girlfriend. The same case is valid for firms or businesses too. They decide on their economic plan, fire or hire some workers, start new enterprises or go downsizing. Therefore, by the time January becomes the month of changing undesirable things with new ones. Also, some people can see this month as their salvation and the month can mean a lot for them.

In our website there is a January 2019 Printable Calendar and it is free for download in all the templates such as JPG and PDF. One can download and create every one of the timetables flawlessly arranged and made. January 2019 schedule is accessible in the tenure and users and reader can print as many timetables as they wish for.

January in History

Would you like to know what happened in January before adding data to your personal blank January calendar?

January 28, 1547: Edward VI, just aged 9 succeeded his father, Henry VIII to the throne.

January 1, 1863U.S. President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, which declared that all slaves in the rebel states were free.

January 1, 1913: The post office began parcel post deliveries.

January 8, 1935: Elvis Presley (1935-1977) was born in Tupelo, Mississippi.

January 25, 1964: The Beatles get their first number one with "I Want To Hold Your Hand" on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Blank January 2019 calendars are available in various designs. It is designed both vertically and horizontally. Our shared calendars are provided free of charge for your personal use. For commercial use, please contact us.

You can download our printable blank calendars in 4 different formats and print them for free. Our calendars are currently in PDF and Image (JPG) formats. Over time, MS Office (Word, Excel) will be designed for.

January 2019 Calendar

January 2019 Calendar PDF

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