Printable October 2019 Calendar

October is the tenth month in our current calendar and is thirty-one days long. World Elderly Day, which was determined by the United Nations General Assembly as the World Elderly Day on 1 October in 1990; to raise awareness in the society about old age in the world and to draw attention to the various problems and priorities of the elderly population. The World Health Organization considers individuals older than 65 years old. World Habitat Day, set by the United Nations General Assembly as the first Monday of October every year in 1985; It aims to remember our shared responsibility as the citizens of the world for the future of human settlements. It draws attention to the importance of creating healthy, safe, sufficient and most importantly respectful of nature.

World Children's Day, set by the United Nations General Assembly on the first Monday of October every year in 1954, the first Monday of October each year; children care, protection, happiness, and aims to live in peace. In 1959, the United Nations General Assembly issued a Declaration of the Rights of the Child for a better life and a happy childhood. Turkey is the only country that is children's holiday gift. 

The first animal friends in England in 1822; To protect animals, they established the Animal Protection Association in order to ensure that people behave well to animals and to provide better nutrition and protection. This organization, which convened in Florence in 931, declared the October 4th Animal Day of Protection to draw attention to the species of animals threatened to disappear on earth. The aim of this day; to understand that there are living things other than humans in the universe, not to interfere in their living spaces, and to respect the right to life. To be compassionate to pet, to protect, to protect the good conditions, to raise awareness about the sensitive behavior.


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October 2019 Calendar

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