May is the third month of the spring season and fifth month of the Gregorian and Julian calendars. Seasonal equivalent of the month ‘’may’’ is November thereby the season is autumn in southern hemisphere. It has a length of 31 days and in northern hemisphere the weather is generally warm. People generally prepare for the summer and wear thinner outfits. Students wait for their holiday and employees wait for their annual leave.

Happy International Workers Day!

1st of May is International Workers Day. The first step of the process, which lasted to Labor Day, dates back to 1856 when in Melbourne, Australia, stone and construction workers started protests to reduce their working hours. However, these protests last to the until the time of workers which were in Chicago (they protested for their working hour) on 1st of May, 1886 and to the Paris Congress of Workers which were held in 1889. The struggle of the American workers to establish the 8-hour working day began in 1884. In Chicago, the Trade-Unions Congress decided on May 1, 1886 to set the normal working day as 8 hours. On May 1, 1886, more than five thousand strikes were announced in major US cities. In the clashes between the police and strikers, a worker was killed and many workers were injured. After three days of demonstrations, four of the trade unionists were executed and four of them were sentenced to heavy imprisonment. The 1889 Paris Congress of the International Brotherhood of Workers (1st Congress of the Second International) was adopted as a common day for the solidarity of the workers. On the proposal of the American trade unionists, the day was set as May 1’’.

In our website there is a May 2019 Printable Calendar and it is free for download in all the templates such as JPG and PDF. One can download and create every one of the timetables flawlessly arranged and made. May 2019 schedule is accessible in the tenure and users and reader can print as many timetables as they wish for.