July is the second month of the summer season and seventh month of the Julian and Gregorian calendars. Seasonal equivalent of July in southern hemisphere is January. It has length of 31 days and in northern hemisphere the weather is mostly hot and sunny. People try to become cooler and get a kick out of the sun. They try different things like eating ice cream, swim or drink cold beverages. Moreover, in this month vacation places become very crowd and everyone look for a place to do their holiday. They have different choices like beach holiday, camping holiday, cruise holiday or foreign holiday etc.

Furthermore, 4th of July is the one of the most important day for American people. It is the day of publishing the American Declaration of Independence. The American war of Independence was happened in 1775-1783 and there were 13 colonies in this war. At the end of the war United States of America was established. The colonies in America rebelled against the excessive taxes imposed by Great Britain, and after 9 years of war, America became independent. In addition, The American Declaration of Independence is the document in which the Thirteen Colonies declared their independence apart from the Kingdom of Great Britain. It was declared on 4 July, approved by the Congress on 2 July 1776; it is celebrated as an Independence Day every year in the United States.

Other than that day, July is the month of National Hot Dog, National Ice Cream and Group B awareness which was held on United Kingdom too. Also, according to catholic tradition July is the month of most precious blood of Jesus.

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