February is the second month of the year for both Gregorian and Julian calendars. In northern hemisphere the season is winter and in southern hemisphere the season is summer. In southern hemisphere February is equivalent to August. In the years that which cannot be divided into 4 such as 2001 the month has a length of 28 days and in the years that which can be divided into 4 such as 2000 the month has a length of 29 days. In other words, February has 29 days in every four years. Furthermore, February takes its name from the Latin word februarius which word root is februa. In order to be more descriptive, februa is the name of a purification festival which is celebrated in ancient times. 

Moreover, February is the month of love because 14th of this day is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. Valentine's Day is a very old tradition. It is believed that it took its roots from a three-day festival called Luepercalia during the Roman period. The festival, which was held in honor of the god of fertility, coincided with the middle of February, heralding the official beginning of spring. As part of the celebration, men were named after the girls in a box of paper. Couples who came together during this festival were lovers, maybe even married. In following centuries, the church forced to finish the pagan events and changed the festivals into celebrations in the name of St. Valentine. In addition, there is another history. The history of this event dates back to Emperor Claudius II. Claudius prohibited marriage because he believes that married men are not good soldiers. Valentine continues to marry people disguisedly, because he believes marriage is one of the things God planned for human and also believes that it is the purpose of the world. When Claudius realized it, he sent Valentine in prison and then condemned him to death. In prison, Valentine fell in love with his guard's daughter and sends a love letter signed by "Your Valentine" to the girl on February 14th. Nowadays, here is the origin of sending people's cards to each other on Valentine's Day. Furthermore, other than this story nowadays people see this day as a way of making profit for firms and business due to the gifts because in common sense the couples thinks that they need to buy gifts for them. Therefore, February is the month of shopping nowadays. Couples buy gifts for themselves and do holiday etc. in this month.

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